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From July 14 start, whenever and wherever you take your own figure is in motion, moving his alma mater with a # # micro-Bo label toNIKE Guangzhou, you can participate in activities for themselves and their alma mater campaign together to win points. Nike will host a dedicated sports carnival in the winning school. In addition, Nike will jointly Guangzhou city’s popular sports venues, from mid-July, at eight to ten o’clock every night, free and open to the general public, including soccer, basketball, running, nike air huarache villa,women’s fitness and other projects, so people enjoy the fun of sports. Period, Nike will invite well-known athletes and hobby sports stars who came to everyone around, join sports teams bring a different surprise. Nike’s net profit rose 22% Greater China revenue was flat as Nike’s main market area, but several times dragged down the overall performance.

June 28, Nike announced fourth-quarter results showed a net profit of $ 668 million, up 22 percent from $ 549 million a year earlier, but Greater performance was mediocre. The quarter ended May 31, Nike’s overall net income than last year,nike air huarache volt, and even exceeded Wall Street analysts had expected. By region, Nike’s fourth-quarter revenue from North America was $ 2.714 billion, up 12%; revenue from Eastern Europe was $ 361 million, up 9%; revenues from emerging markets is 9.6 billion, an increase of 10%. Most areas radiate upward trend, but as a top priority, from the Greater China revenue was only $ 669 million, with $ 667 million the same period last year.

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“Stimulate their potential means that new products are designed to meet the physical laws of nature move with the athlete’s body Aioi accordingly.” Nike brand Chairman Trevor Edwards (Trevor Edwards) said, “We released today running shoes and running clothing , is based on extensive research of professional athletes and runners of all levels of insight, as well as the Nike Sports Research Lab. These innovations are based on the nature of the human body, based on research data obtained. “Golf British Open will be held Nike Its latest launch Fall Fashion July 7 –20 days, nike air huarache run print women shoes,2013 British Open Golf in Scotland Lanmu Springfield Golf Club, Nike (Nike) Golf is signing players well prepared, wearing the latest autumn clothing against British Open Game changeable climate.

The Nike signed a total of 12 athletes will play 2013 British Open: Scott – Brown, Oliver – Fischer, Russell – Henry Scott – Jemison, Rory – Mike Roy Francis Branch – Maurice Donnelly, Toby about – Olsen, Carl – Paterson,nike air huarache run fleece, Charles – Schwartzel, Kyle – Stanley, Nick – Watney, and Tiger – Woods. Nike Golf is committed to designing products for the golfer, so tournament more exciting, and players can also play a better performance. New NikeHyperAdaptStorm-FIT Jacket activities and competitions for athletes, provide comfort, activity and other necessary elements of protection.

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At the opening ceremony, Director of Tennis Management Center State Sports General Administration, Vice-Chairman of the Chinese Tennis Association Sun Jinfang said: “China Network Concord Nike’s effort in youth development are very early in 1997, Nike had and Chinese Tennis Association jointly engage. seedling selection tournament to the United States funded by Nike-campus training,nike air huarache original release date, then was sent to the girl is Li Na. This tennis tournaments goal is exactly the same today we develop NIKE National Youth (U12 / U14 / U16), is to We find more and more good seed in here to thank Nike ten years the development of Chinese tennis career doing support.

Nike not only long-standing sponsorship of the Chinese tennis team, also through the introduction of sophisticated mechanisms to assist youth events tennis Tennis Federation to train more personnel to promote the development of the overall level of domestic junior tennis, nike air huarache premium,let us see more stars of the future. “” 2013 NIKE National Junior Tennis Ranking Tournament Grand Prix “on Jan. 14 kicks off the tournament after the Jiangmen, Wuhan, Jiaxing, Beijing ingenuity Station, Shanghai, Shandong and Beijing National Tennis Center station altogether six cities 7 races of the race, nearly 3,000 people participating via standings, produce national youth in each age group ranked 32 total 192 players eventually converge in the “2013 NIKE National Youth (U12 / U14 / U16) tennis tournaments total finals. “