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Nike This product is also playing the green card. Nike says, Nike Pro TurboSpeed ​​experienced 12 years of continuous research and development, after more than 1,000 hours of wind tunnel tests, and therefore an excellent game service performance, durability, but an average of 82% of the raw material of the part from polyester fiber recycling, in particular, this is the equivalent of 13 recycled plastic bottles made of. Nike said technology is not just used in the London Olympics the Chinese team, nike air huarache white ebay,the United States, Russia, Germany and other countries on behalf of the team competition clothing will also use this technology. Nike this year to show the Olympic Games in London the other high-tech projects to the world view of the lightweight design sportswear.

Due to advice from professional athletes, plus the adoption of a new patented technology, Nike shoes production of optimized transformation, unless necessary, the shoe minimize the amount of yarn, nike air huarache white emerald,so that the upper seamlessly. After the shoes of all structural parts and appendages are assembled complete, Nike running shoes uppers a nine yards and a tongue portion of the weight of only 34 grams (1.2 ounces), the weight of the whole shoe is only 160 grams (5.6 ounces), Compared with the previous ultralight Nike running shoes Nike Zoom Streak 3, weight reduction of 19%.

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Generation after generation of young people of different skin color to generate consumer enthusiasm Nike products, in addition to the stars of the advertising effect, new concepts, new indicators on the Nike sports products in development are thrown so much, Nike has become the representative of the movement of high-tech companies tech aura so bright, dazzling, willing to pay to become prime minister of the young Nike abound. Tech Aura mid-June this year, Nike Wukesong Indoor Stadium in Beijing MasterCard Center seven teams to join the Chinese national team has released a new range of competition clothing, including the Chinese national basketball team, track and field team, weightlifting team, tennis, beach volleyball, wrestling team and seven teams, including archery team Chinese Army will wear Nike clothing design appeared on the July London Olympics stadium.

The competition clothing full of gimmicks. Chinese track and field team for the design of Nike Pro TurboSpeed ​​race suit is one of the most eye-catching. Nike side said that wearing this garment will help to enhance the 100 meters sprinter 0.23 seconds performance, because the paragraph from golf clothing using local aerodynamic inspiration – Nike golf ball dimple draws design, to help athletes reduce aerodynamic drag, which will become one of Nike sportswear ever to reduce aerodynamic drag.

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Nike Kids dealers secretly selling price increases, according to the informed sources, the majority of Nike children’s clothing store in Guangzhou sales of children’s clothing, children’s shoes prices have been dealers secret operations, nike air huarache white and wolf grey,generally higher than the official price of Nike. This bit source also told reporters produced from an internal Nike “Nike 2012 Winter Catalog — Kids.” Reporters saw the catalog details the Nike Kids 2012 new winter shoes, clothes, backpacks and other products of the picture, model, color, features and prices. Directory pages, “catalog of Nike’s internal information, only authorized dealers to order Futures purposes.”

The source said that this tariff is provided by Nike to authorized dealers, the latter is based on an open pricing. Four stores in three price increases of 8% -11% according to this internal Nike 2012 winter children’s clothing product price list, the Yangcheng Evening News reporter visited Guangzhou 4 Nike children’s clothing stores, and found that three did not follow price list price,nike air huarache white and gum, but privately raise prices by 8% -11% sales. In Central City Road, a large mall Nike children’s clothing store, the reporter saw a model for the thin cotton 506737 price tag of 659 yuan, 10 percent higher than the official price of 599 yuan Nike.