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But most of the attention was on the wall a sense of technology, both on behalf of Nike shoes, fixed to the floor of the automatic treadmill and scales, scattered throughout the infrared imaging systems, as well as piles of human bone specimens sneakers, from time to time There are covered with a sensor testers shuttle in basketball, golf, track and field and other professional test field. Parker like product meeting held here, precisely because of financial ambition athletic, artistic, and some whimsical science here, Nike became the king of sports shoes and sports clothing sector.

But for the designers, the biggest restraint also comes from this. “This is the weathervane design direction, we must follow the directions to go.” he said he worked to find a shoe material took two years. How to find the best balance between science and art? It is important cross-industry design knowledge and experience. “Experience the richer the more diverse, the more outstanding your design works. When problems arise, try to seek to resolve cross-industry knowledge. Fit into this world. I think that’s my answer.” Ku Hasu explained. For designers, the most direct way to trigger inspiration is more travel.

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Nike’s strong revenue growth in fiscal year 2012 first quarter results revenue of $ 6.08 billion, up 18%; net profit of $ 645 million, an increase of 15%. Parker knows the values, let talented designers and the perfect combination of business machines, in order to create a real market value. He will be defined as “the ability to balance the left and right brain.” What is the key to win? “The key is the output values. To contempt orthodox, serious investment even obsessed, to like irrational, unexpected.” Parker said. To this end, he met with happy athletes, artists, painters and small shopkeepers. In his opinion, these are the popular culture of people can have an important impact.

His artist friends including graffiti artist Tolstoy stone (Stash) and Futura (Mcgurr Leonard Hilton); the artist and toy designer Kawu Si (Kaws); rappers Kanye West (Kanye West). Parker seems that these people in common is “an unconventional beauty”, which is also the essence of the brand Nike. But for visitors who, in order to know who is the essence of Nike pioneer, might look at the name of the road that leads Nike empire: Bill Bowman Avenue, one of the pioneers of Nike. New employees came to Nike, you will get a set of maxims, of which the first 11 is so written: Remember this man.

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And the moment, he and Knight meet is limited to the Board meeting. Parker believes Knight’s genius lies in this. “He does not imperious, never command others to do this, do that or something else. So I’m free to play.” Parker said. He recalled the case of a visit, accompanied by Knight Wal-Mart (Wal-Mart) air huarache white radiant emerald, Wal-Mart’s famous Saturday morning meeting – on the meeting results, best practices and implementation of the accountability, when he saw Scott, CEO of Wal-Mart’s (Lee Scott) details on the company’s operations are hands-on time, Parker was surprised. “It’s different from you ah.” Parker said. “Exactly.” A Knight.

It turns out that Parker fully harnessed Nike. First, he sports different depending on the reorganization of the company’s business units, the mode of operation of Nike conducted a comprehensive reform, with the brand from the previous sub-brands and products based on the structural model, to 7 “customer-oriented “product categories, such as running, basketball and women’s air huarache white red, He said: “In this way, in order to ensure that companies in each market segment expertise, organization is no longer bloated, the company’s development is not aimless.” He reassigned the business area, will China and Japan as a new development focus, streamline the reporting process, reduce regional middle management, presided over the company’s history, a rare round of layoffs.