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Now we are taking this approach earlier, through digital services and interactive multimedia experience combines innovative products to create one of the most advanced retail environment. “The project is entirely by the company’s brand design team of interior design. Store almost 40 years ago by the fusion of the first Nike store of ideas in Poland, and contemporary interior design and architectural concept. nike air zoom huarache 2k4 black white metallic silver,Nike also alone on the first floor of Boxpark opened a NIKEiD Studio, consumers can by consultants from the local design community help, customized to meet their performance and lifestyle footwear .NIKEiD space has a completely unique look and feel for the Nike Fuel Station.

Overall focus on technology and creativity, space is a luxury boutique, but a tailor shop and design integration libraries. The main function of the space, is a 20-meter-long oak bookcase, follow the Nike + Fuel Station stands the same “chevron” structure. Bookcase full of inspirational design titles and a large collection of display products, nike air max huarache white,to stimulate consumers to design the ultimate Nike shoes. Other features include four individually designed stand to the gym inspired table, two larger design stations use 55 inches plasma screen, to make friends do collaborative design team.