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Yang Shuan behalf of the State Sports General Administration and the Chinese Olympic Committee, Ms. Klein and his party welcomed the visit. He said over the years, Nike and the Chinese sports have maintained good relations of cooperation, and the role played by the company over the years, Nike sports development in China expressed gratitude and air huarache run canada, He hopes to continue to strengthen cooperation with Nike China sports for the development of Chinese sports and the sports industry to make new contributions. During the meeting, Yang Shuan also introduced to Klein and his party in recent years China Sports Development. The two sides also discussed the future, especially in youth sports and mass sports Nike cooperation and exchanged views with the Chinese sports.

Present at the Outreach Division of the State Sports General Administration and other relevant leaders met Song Lu increase. NBA star James LeBron9 Chinese version of Nike boots have been listed. LeBron9 as LeBron James signature shoe collection ninth double Nike’s most advanced and innovative technology, well-built special requirements according to James. Shoes and foot form a perfect fit, do nike air huarache run small,feel light and comfortable to wear and offers superior cushioning effect. LeBron9 Chinese edition Nike to join James as Chinese fans special dedication unique basketball shoes, its design inspired by the “fire”, a change in the traditional red and white color, this Chinese version with the highest temperature of the outer flame of blue flame burning color and orange as the main color, to achieve a bold breakthrough.

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You know, for covering such as Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Anthony, Paul and other NBA top stars also monopolized the potential shares of class elite Nike NCAA, the NBA lockout at an opportune time, the formation of a new coalition does not seem may. And in this new alliance, they can replace the league’s official partner adidas can even get more. But now people have not yet come out of Nike this topic to respond to any official nature. However, a very telling data, there are currently 169 NBA players wear Nike shoes match, where 35 is the all-star players, and the corresponding, only 57 NBA players wear adidas, All-Star is only eight.

If there really a Nike controlled by the alliance in the future, then this from the 1980s war broke uppers will probably completely ends. After all, the NBA retired generation overlord Converse, Reebok already acquired by adidas, such as Olympic and other emerging brands around the force structure of the temporary weakness. Once Nike really just created a new alliance, then, the so-called “Nike’s only opponent,” really exist? Yang Shuan, deputy director of the State Sports General Administration, the guests met with Nike October 27 morning, the State Sports General Administration, Deputy Secretary Yang Shuan met in Beijing with visiting Vice President of Nike Global Hillary Klein and his party.