nike air huaraches black and blue shoes

huarache 09 years of top-level cushioning latest flagship Gel-Nimbus 11 along with the summer sun finally put the shelf, which is known as double cushioning system running shoes foot feeling good indeed more comfortable than ever. Compared to the previous Nimbus, increased forefoot cushioning materials, and arrangement of lace, there are more thick tongue guarantee these shoes are as comfortable as gloves guarantee. North America in June 2009 listing, listed in mainland China in August 2009. GEL-KAYANO 15 shock absorbers, cushioning function, discrete outsole design mesh is UV-resistant, able to maintain the temperature inside the shoe, there will be a very wet sweat insole will feel that feeling GT-2150 is equipped with IGS top shock running shoes, comfort election cumulus12, wear election mr850st. cumulus12 is top cushioning running shoes huarache nimbus simplified series, like gt2000 series in kayano series, the reason why the series is so because nimbus itself has been very perfect, perfect to be out of such a series to simplify cumulus nimbus series on non-essential “configuration”, thus bringing the price to pull even further, so that more can be accepted by consumers, simplified “configuration” includes: gel gel will be less, the shape is better nimbus hyun, asymmetrical shoes belt system canceled, leaving substantially nimbus is no big difference, there is an advantage that will be lighter than some of the nimbus. Next-generation flagship jogging shoes, new GEL-KAYANO 16 adhering to the most cutting-edge technology and high-end features traditional, while maintaining the inherent comfort and stability. Making it a symbol of classic running shoes. 16 substituting huarache line technology features and teachings to provide improved fit the foot more asymmetrical lace design. Shoes reinforcing the stability of the upper side of the resin is more strengthened.