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At first glance, we thought Nike was crazy, because it looks as if they are a myriad of clouds in the upper fly line. Fortunately, it is not. Those rugged design really is spinning, but they are actually Flyknit fly woven material, and other parts of the upper integration. Unique rugged woven uppers fly to increase the friction between the upper and football, which is particularly advantageous for those who like high-speed movement of the ball to touch the ball players. The grooves in the strip between the projections also ensures uppers have a certain flexibility, it can help players better start kicking. Overall, the fifth generation of Superfly more emphasis on performance rather than just the upper focused on weight loss.
The upper reverse, we will see the biggest difference between the two generations of Superfly, that is football shoe outsole. We all know that the players want to release explosive potential, in order to do this, Nike redesigned outsole, not only the introduction of new materials, have also adopted a new structure. If you look at the average person’s foot, you will notice that the human foot is not in fact the same as a conventional football shoe soles are flat one. Nike designers took advantage of this feature to design a more natural fit and foot soles to help players accelerate.

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This special edition of Superlfy has come from the inside of the foot Vapor IX capitalized on IV What The words NIKE soccer shoes, and heel appearance comes from Vapor VIII. At the same time, Mercurial also keep up with the words after all these years by the sections on the different fonts used Mercurial composition. Finally, keep up after five gold dots indicates an upcoming Nike Mercurial Superfly V. Appearance due to a combination of various elements is only printed on Superlfy IV shoe body, and What The version of Nike basketball shoes and skateboard shoes of different styles of different splicing, so this Nike Mercurial Superfly IV What The soccer shoes can be used combat. Nike Mercurial Superfly IV What The soccer shoes Edition expensive than $ 25, to $ 300 per double. About What The What The I can not give an explanation of the Chinese, because the combination of these two English words, in fact, equivalent to an exclamation meaning.Nike introduced according to the official website, “What The” are two simple words that speak volumes – a natural, intuitive reaction to something good, bad or ugly; but always open to interpretation “actually see the individual chart, when the first reaction. is What the FXXX, what a mess.

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This pair of shoes with the color being the color of the Brazilian national team jersey, this is the first dual-use high-visibility color of Mercuiral, is the first dual-use material Teijin Microfiber upper soccer shoes. 2012 Nike Mercurial Vapor VIII: 2012 Mercurial Vapor VIII features a new stud configuration, followed by two nails, the overall asymmetric design brings better acceleration. Thinner and more flexible Teijin Microfiber upper, suede-like surface effect in eye-catching colors and patterns to enhance the heel shoes keep them coming back on the pitch. 2011 Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly III: Mercurial Vapor Superfly III is designed together with C Lo soccer shoes, it brings faster and more flexible response, which would like to thank Nike Sense provides grip and carbon fiber outsole. Nike Flywire fly line is added to bring the most lightweight support system, and eye-catching color also improve it in the field keep returning. 2014 Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly IV: In C Rhodes inspired performance, Nike launched in 2014 in Madrid, the Mercurial Superfly IV, this is the first time a fly woven uppers Mercurial.At the same time, the shoe also uses a high-top has been designed to provide a better lock. As a combination of red gold color that is to increase the visual impact, which can be clearly felt in the Nike commercials Winner Stays.