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Now, with the release Tiempo VI, we are very eager to know whether Nike Tiempo decided to develop a little too conservatively, or is it to do with fashion and technology integration? When the original Tiempo V release, appearance and color have attracted a lot of people criticize, but this time, Tiempo VI, beautiful places “black / white / metallic gray” color as the first color, a lot of players to win hearts and minds. Shoes who has iconic Swoosh logo, and we can find the words and signs Tiempo ACC technology in the inside of the foot, there are a few bumps on the upper Obscure, but does not affect the overall image Hypervenom as shoes beauty. No matter how good, we still think this is designed to be very successful. It brings Tiempo series always comfort you? Nike Tiempo VI is probably the biggest advantage is that you can open the box next moment, they flew to wear it to participate in an exciting race to the bar. It offers excellent comfort, and comfort will increase with time. We find that it’s kangaroo leather fabric after three to four times the wear will become very soft, but in fact, the use of Tiempo VI process, we do not need to run-in period.

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Superfly, Hypervenom and Magista honor of being lucky, the success of their own to add an elegant atmosphere. In the near future it is likely to Tech Craft Kit also incorporate Vapor X, Hypervenom Phinish and Magista Opus. Nike released black and white color Tech Craft Kit football shoes: Nike released the latest “Tech Pack” soccer shoes, suits, to show us how the most “pure” soccer shoes are like. The black and white color outfits include Mercurial Superfly IV, Magista Obra and Hypervenom Phantom II. New Tech Pack main black and white color, brought a breath of retro trend. As early as August 2015 we have seen the classic Nike shoe and modern technology combine to create a range of leather soccer shoes. The black and white color Tech Craft soccer shoes suit uses a layer of thin leather material wrapped around the main parts of the ball, except Tiempo Legend 6 outside the three series are included and Tiempo Legend 6 is retained in this package inside, “black / white / metallic” color of the previous year. Superfly, Hypervenom and Magista retain the original performance, while leather uppers since the application materials become softer. It is worth mentioning is that this package contains both of the Vapor X, Hypervenom Phinish and upgrade of Magista Opus.

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Retail upcoming March 2016 launch of Nike Mercurial Superfly IV CR7 soccer shoes for 285 euros, Nike will also launch VaporX versions of the same color and low version and FootballX version. Mrs Han Moreau received a unique Nike Mercurial soccer shoes Batman & Joker: Samara midfielder Morrow since Mrs Han beginning of the season was on loan from the French Saint-Etienne to Russia, and he recently from one of his soccer shoes and running shoes tailored friend who received a pair of customized version of the Nike Mercurial Vapor soccer shoes. This pair of custom from Yzy Custom. This design is very bold feet shoes, shoe design is completely unique. Right foot is designed to Batman theme, including Batman logo at the heel, and most areas of the upper on is Batman’s head covered. Left shoe theme is the clown, the details of the design can be described as worse than the Batman. But Moreau has not yet been wearing these shoes had played in the first game after the winter break, he wore a bright mango color of soccer shoes Nike Mercurial VaporX play. Neymar should be regarded as today’s football after Messi and C Lo of a third person, but when it comes to the influence of rage, he may favorably