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Initially, you want to lose weight for the soccer shoe is really difficult, but in 2009, Nike launched the year or the most simple type of speed soccer shoes, the first generation of Mercurial Vapor Superfly. Was the main concern in addition to the quality of the shoes, as well as support in the midfoot. The introduction of fly line (FlyWire) is a revolution – they walk on both sides of the thin line of soccer shoes for the foot to bring a better stability. The next year, that is in 2010, when Nike launched the Mercurial Superfly II soccer shoes. The attention is focused on the soles of the feet, which is the technology developed by Nike Sense “Knob” system. Foot spikes after precise design arrangement, its design inspired by the cheetah and its phenomenal explosive. By 2011, the startup speed is still the focus, but the key players in the field is to prevent skidding. Nike took note of the players on the pitch before slipping phenomenon more serious than a lot, and so they created a “Toe-Off” grip system, improved sole design to provide a non-slip effect more A red. After three years of silence, once again launched a new Nike Superfly football shoes. The return of sight, is an unprecedented soccer shoes.