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Tech Craft series starting color in colored part of sections of soccer shoes are from Lightning Storm Lightning Storm series color, and foot are the kangaroo leather forefoot material. The new Nike Mercurial Superfly IV edition leather soccer shoes with the eye-catching design of the half, which combines gold, fluorescent yellow and black. The dynamics of the iconic shoe fitting collar, laces and outsole volts yellow, while the upper area of ​​the ball is used to provide a golden kangaroo leather ball unparalleled experience. If this pair of kangaroo leather version of the Nike Mercurial Superfly IV is the most advanced of kangaroo leather soccer shoes is probably no exaggeration. This pair of shoes using a shoe fly woven carbon fiber outsole, but also use the front foot foot kangaroo leather high-grade material, which makes the shoe became the ultimate leather soccer shoes on the market today. Gold / volt yellow leather soccer shoes Nike Mercurial Superfly version will sell for $ 300, and was listed today. With the Nike Tiempo Legend VI legendary six generations released soon, now is the time to look at Nike Tiempo Legend V has launched a variety of colors, and these include the commercial version and a variety of special versions. From Nike Tiempo Legend V starting color “Desert Sand / Atomic Orange” (Desert gray / orange atom) to Totti and Ronaldinho Exclusive exclusive, to the latest “Electro Flare” a split color, in the past two years 2 Nike Legend V not only constantly updated commercial version, but also brought a lot of special limited edition. And the series final color gold / yellow volts, is also in the pipeline.

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Tiempo soccer shoes to walk is the style line. This shoe not only represents a wealth of emotion, but also represents the world’s best players choice. It is cool without affectation, not grandstanding but own some style – black / white color with two electro-optical green, the color of the Tiempo Premier lightning from the clouds, it hit the court, regardless of the meaning it represents what is this color is really cool. This is taken from the feet shoes color starting in 2013. Nike Tiempo Legend IV, then keep up with “est 1972” also has been retained on the shoes – this is Nike established the year. This pair of shoes, to win victory in those exquisite detail. As is generally the most exquisite embroidery, these shoes are steeped in a long history, but will also be forever young – Nike says some weird design of these shoes, Yes, it is weird, but also courage. Appreciate Nike Tiempo Premier football shoes black / white / orange color: the new Nike Tiempo Legends Premier Pack football shoes most striking colors from the Tiempo Legend of the most unique in the history of style – Nike Tiempo Legend IV Elite black / white / orange color. It still seems to be as simple and effective as in 2011, when today. Nike rewarding this year, but throughout the year to focus on the new Mercurial, Magista and Hypervenom soccer shoes after Nike’s revisit their classic football shoes, this shoe still has a reputation among professional players and amateurs.

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Because no one wants to lose their shoes to control the ball. Fortunately, Nike’s design team who use technology and strict standards to ensure a complete ultra-high shoes the actual performance. And not because of the appearance of the shoes themselves real compromise performance. The new Legend is 6 this Liquid Chrome package protagonist, pure color symbolizes platinum, which makes the shoe as a whole has a very fresh and cool effect purposes. After the abandoned upper trace and traditional stand-tongue, the legendary 6 draws more modern football shoe technology elements, which makes this after 20 years of football shoes more modern. Liquid Chrome Mercurial soccer shoes City Series Color Purple: After silver Magista, red copper-colored Hypervenom, you are not thinking about the next one pair of golden Mercurial Superfly? Not the case, but the city violet. Mercurial Superfly IV took the lead into the winter, and as the new Liquid Chrome Pack (liquid metal series) in the main style. Has always been the color of Mercurial soccer shoe shine shiny color will now be pushed to a new level. Urban violet wrapped the entire upper shoes, only on the Swoosh logo, lace collar and a dynamic fit to see black.