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For us, driving the company’s growing even challenge the economic cycle, is one of the tasks. Nike has been able to achieve their goals, the core of it is to maintain close communication with those communities every athlete and sports groups, we can upgrade this communication to a deeper level. As a result, I firmly believe that this communication is the current economic environment, Nike made the strongest support success. Maybe you will not believe, we will strive to ensure that this growth has been acquired over the past two years can be sustained. If you are looking for a non-Nike insufficient, what do you think?

Since I joined the company, Nike has been a maxim endless. This is true. I am confident that we can do a lot of things today do better to support our continued growth. In addition, we will continue to explore new things sports. Taking into account the science and technology we could make enough to support better performance product, better training supplies, and more comfortable, more enjoyable life sports products and sports equipment, I am sure we are still in a very early stage. I’m sure that today will be put into application of new technologies will create a much more distinctive and rich consumer experience that sold to consumers with a pair of shoes, a jacket, or a short-sleeved, as are our relationship with an important part of the consumer.

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Nike infection “stock plague” big brother for survival altar ushered in after two consecutive quarters of growth inflection point, Nike also started to increase inventory liquidation efforts. Recently there have been news that this year, Nike plans to open 40-50 factory stores, far more than in the past this scale, while the newly opened factory store will expand to second and third tier markets, discount efforts to maintain the 3-4 fold. Prior to Nike, the world’s disclosure of earnings data show that since the third quarter of fiscal 2012,nike air huarache womens silver, Nike’s order growth in China has been slowing down, or even a decline for two consecutive quarters; and industry insiders believe that the current inventory liquidation has become a problem throughout the industry, Nike Low inventory liquidation will lead to domestic sports brand inventory liquidation further delay. Faced with heavy pressure on the stock, factory shop seems major sports brand inventory liquidation “last straw.”

According to Nike insiders, China, will open this year from 40 to 50 self-factory stores, larger than in the past, the coverage will also extend to the second and third tier cities. For Nike’s adjustment, the domestic sports brand may be “very hurt.”nike air huarache womens size 5, “Nike has a strong brand, if you take low-cost strategy, inventory liquidation will affect the progress of local brands.” Key Road Sports Consulting Ltd. CEO Zhang said that some second-tier brands may face a crisis of survival.

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We believe that we can definitely achieve the goal of $ 7 billion in 2017, but we really believe not only that it, in fact it will be beyond, because we will continue to promote the implementation of the principle of female commodity business. Our strategy meant to link to services through the digital platform to millions of women,cheap air huarache, to improve the network and physical stores of the shopping experience, providing quality products to promote the actual growth of the category, and, as always with innovative products to leading the industry.

In addressing whether Nike can occupy a larger market in the industry, FB & R analyst Susan Anderson said: 珿 of clothing is still a great opportunity for American sportswear manufacturer, because this type of commodity has just started to grow in the first machine. In this situation, many manufacturers will focus on grabbing the market pie. We believe that Nike has been living in a very favorable position, it will continue to expand the market share of this consumer group (currently $ 5 billion / equivalent to 21% of wholesale revenues, market share of 14%), providing innovative corporate culture , customer focus and the best marketing industry. Sustainable growth of the Chinese mainland market addition, Nike also talk about its development in the Chinese mainland market plans, the company was in 2011 after the failure ham managed to stabilize sales revenue in the second quarter of 2014 the annual growth of 21% Pre-tax profit amounted to 31%. Although some analysts worried about slowing economic growth, nike huarache women,as well as more competition in the Chinese mainland will the impact of this rise, but the company believes it has the right strategy in the long run will be to promote the sustainable development of the Chinese mainland market, profitable growth.

Edwards also said: We will continue to see the advantages of our strategy change and affect the market in the Greater China mainland. In the second quarter amounted to 21% of revenue growth, it reflects our already deployed more consumer-focused plans of distribution strategy, and this approach is certainly a success. nike huarahce red,We are very optimistic about the continuing trend of Chinese mainland enterprises. Indicators continue to show that when you in-depth study of our partners, their facade really held up well in the stock market are very clean, so we feel very comfortable.