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Usually shoes banding categories: Board Shoes, running shoes, soccer shoes, basketball shoes, tennis shoes and casual shoes. At first, according the difference between sport and practical, choose different shoes. Usually most running shoes are casual shoes and board shoes. There is a large difference according to shoes model about sport shoes, but a pair of shoes most important part is sole and used glue. Sole often used rubber, EVA, TPR and so on. Then glue bands many kinds according to the price, mow why there are so many people buy imitation shoes, the reason is imitation cheap, because imitation shoes use the cheap glue. The formal international sport brands mostly use red glue, such as puma, imitation shoes because the price, often use the glue that worth of 75 dollar. So the use life of shoes depend on owner how to maintenance, if you are care enough, the shoes can used over one year, if you don’t pay attention, they are easy to break. The upper material has no difference, most use mess lining, or fiber leather. If you have economic power and do not like frequently change, you can purchase the brand sport shoes, Puma and other brand shoes are your choice range. About shoes code, suggest that every person before buying a pair of shoes online store, measure the length of the bare feet and then make a purchase, avoid the trouble comes from different code result in exchange goods. The code of board shoes is most regular, followed by casual shoes, running shoes too small, professional sports shoes under the principles should consultation on the first re-confirmation code number, when buy sports shoes, the code according to usual sports shoes to buy. Of course, if you buy brand sport shoes in the counter, you don’t worry about the code, they provide to you the right code, even if the code is unsuitable to you, you can ask to exchange, they meet your demand without any terms, because they have a reputation for example Adidas, Puma. Try to buy a pair of Men’s Puma Speed Cat will have unexpected gain. The shoes material must pay attention to breath. Breathable materials not only don’t cover their feet bur comfortable, and also difficult to get athlete’s foot. Now the shoes expect for cloth shoes, almost have no ventilation good. Especially the soles, although very strong, foot inside is uncomfortable, foot sweat glands developed, after taking off shoes just like put a gas bomb. To choose a pair of high quality shoes, is good to your foot. About author: Sunny Lavigne is an expert when comes to puma canada.

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Barker Shoes was established in 1880 when Arthur Barker set up in Northamptonshire, the heart of shoe-manufacturing in the United Kingdom. As with most companies, Arthur started with a very narrow range of products. The shoe which was particularly popular was the waterproof peg sole boot. These were sought after because of the uniqueness of the waterproof mechanism. Basically, the peg on each boot would swell up as soon as they got wet. These swelled pegs would then protect the sole of the boot, making it completely waterproof! This special product set the Barker brand up well into the next two centuries and Barker is now a highly reputable and successful company, still producing top quality mens shoes and boots and employing hundreds of skilled craftsmen from around the UK. As demand grew in the 1800s, so did the business and Arthur began to recruit local craftsmen to help satisfy demand for his shoes. At the turn of the century, the first Barker factory was built, ready to supply all the soldiers of the First World War with boots and shoes. Inbetween the First and Second World Wars, Arthur’s three sons decided to get involved with the family business. In 1947, they oversaw the creation of a factory in Earls Barton which further expanded the business into the area of womens shoes. Barker Shoes had become so popular by this time, and the company so successful, that a separate sales company was set up to sell directly to retailers to enable their shoes to penetrate the market further. More and more factories were built throughout the UK during the 20th Century, including another one in Earls Barton in 1986 which has become one of the finest and largest footwear factories in Europe. Moreover, it is only a stone’s throw from the site where Arthur Barker began it all back in 1880! The factory of 1986 is cleverly designed to enable the output of the finest quality mens shoes. For example, as you probably know, natural light is a key ingredient for natural leather grading. The windows in the factory are cleverly positioned to enable the most amount of light to be concentrated onto the shoes after they have been manufactured, so that the Goodyear welted leather shoes mature in the correct way. Today, Barker shoes are widely recognised throughout the world for their superb quality, durability and comfort. Barker’s craftsmen produce approximately 200,000 pairs of shoes every year. They use machines for certain stages in the manufacturing process but every shoe is hand lasted sewn by one of the craftsmen. The formula is so simple but effective: skilled craftsmen combined with fine materials! Please take some time to visit ShoeNet at You will be able to see that Barker categorise their mens shoes and boots into four ranges: Heritage Range, Professional Range, International Range and Barker 125th Anniversary. The shoes we have on offer cover the bestselling Barker mens boots, oxford shoes, brogue shoes and a selection of dress shoes and fashion shoes.