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The new color combination of the traditional white, black, and the iconic honeycomb upper is used is eye-catching “shock pink” color. At the same time, the color for Nike Magista Obra soccer shoe uppers introduced a new gradient design, which makes about two years based on the market the new soccer shoes full of vitality. The new color using a black and a black outsole dynamic fit collar and pink details, but from behind and below the upper white fade to black before the top of the gradient effect which is mentioned earlier. Despite the use of a new design, but technically speaking, the sections of Nike soccer shoes and the same as before Magista Obra soccer shoes, still using the integrated flying woven uppers combined NikeSkin and ACC technology to provide better Possession experience, but also through the dynamic fit shoes to tie a better fit. Black powder used on two-color soles cylindrical agreements to provide better steering ability, which is also before the sections of color and soccer shoes Nike Magista Obra same. The newly designed white / black / pink Nike Magista obra impact from soccer shoes listed in April 2016, the retail price of 275 dollars. Of course, this will also have football shoes FG, AG and SG version.

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Nike’s upcoming second-generation Nike MercurialX Finale small soccer shoes: Nike Spark Billiance series of soccer shoes will soon be listed, the second generation of Nike MercurialX Finale small soccer shoes will soon be able to meet with the first color. Based on Nike Mercurial Vapor XI and nike huarache V 2016 European Cup of color and design, the new Nike Mercurialx Finale huarache shoes with a red front after black design. On the outside of the shoe has a huge volt yellow Swoosh logo, and internal and external sides are not conspicuous stripes, the inside of the outer black pink. In order to provide better locking ultimate touch and explosive speed, Nike mercurialX Finale II small-field soccer shoes with a lightweight mesh upper, and cover NikeSkin material, or use a tongue-free design. All this and the first generation of MercurialX finale is very similar, but the shoe is also used before and similar Phylon midsole. But just mentioned, the shoe outsole is a new design, while the inside also provides additional protection. Retail red / black color of the Nike mercurialX Finale II soccer shoes for $ 90, and there are two versions of IN and TF.

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Do you know how many kinds of sport brands? Do you know the developments of these sport brands? The number one is Nike. Nike is a famous brand name that comes from the Unite State. The company of Nike is founded in Beaverton 1972. Its predecessor was the Blue Ribbon Sports that invested by incumbent Nike president Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman. In 1973, the nation’s 2000 meters to 10,000 meters record creators Steve became the first athlete to wear Nike sport shoes. In 1978, the Nike International company has founded formally. NIKE shoes, and began to enter Canada, Australia, Europe Island, and South America and other overseas markets. In 1979, the first type of Thaiwind NIKE running shoes was born with using patented air-cushion technology. The first NIKE apparel production line began to be launched. NIKE name, in the eye of the West was very lucky, easy to read and easy to remember, it can-known easily. Nike trademark symbolizes the wing feathers of Greek victory goddess, representing the speed, but also represents the dynamic and gentle. Nike trademark logo is a small hook shape concise, rapid as lightning, to see people think of Nike sporting goods arising from use of the speed and power. The first time, shoes named “Nike”, sole with square convex tablets to enhance the stability of the shoe, body of both sides have knife-shaped curved hook, a symbol of the wings of the goddess. The second is Adidas. In the world of sporting goods, Adidas has always represented a special official meaning, and then some people call these “victory of the three lines.” Since founded in 1948 until now, Adidas has helped a number of athletes create excellent outstanding accomplishments, made a lot of feats. Therefore, Adidas has set the best practices in the world that can be said to combine believe and respect. Adidas was found by Germany Adi Dassler. Adidas purpose is “to design the most suitable sports shoes for athletes.” Under this concept, Adi Dassler in 1920 designed the first pair of shoes. In recent years, Adidas, not only in design, the effectiveness, have new break, representative of the three stripes design also set off another popular trend in the cosmetic, include the current generation of young new honorary title, the formation of a new boldness, a world leader movement of goods towards more diversified future. The third one is Reebok. As same to the Nike, it comes from USA too. It was founded in Boston 1895. The fourth is Puma, Puma shoes and clothing in the hip-hop graffiti culture, both in the USA and oversea, have been extremely welcome. PUMA also with Adidas is one represents of the hip-hop graffiti culture. Puma is a sport brand that its history has over 60 years. With the appeal and influence in the sport field over the world, PumaŠŐ» great sporting achievements for 50 years was written on the page of history. Puma accompanied Billy to enter the World Cup championship, accompanied with Baker, tennis players rule the roost in the Wimbledon grass. Co-operation with top athletes and continue to pursue the latest technology making the best of sports equipment. Founder Rudolf Dassler was established Puma in 1948, the German brand, Puma has been for decades among the key players in the sports world in recent years more successful combination of popular movement, jumped favorite brands for young people. The left are Fila, Converse, New Balance, Kswiss, Asics and Hi-Tec. About author: Jean Alax is a freedom writer, she likes to write articles Mbt Shoes UK, has published several articles about fashion, shopping online, sports Mbt Baridi Shoes and so on.