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Nike do with micro-channel public number circle to improve user stickiness Nike has been advertised is a innovative enterprise, the past 30 years, it has been at the technical level to guide the development of the whole industry. Today, the company no longer satisfied with the pair of sneakers sold to consumers so simple. “In addition to providing products, we most want to do now is actually to provide nike huarache, The so-called service is to allow users to brand awareness and movement of more complete.” Nike’s senior communications director for Greater China HuangXiangYan so forth Nike + meaning.

Over the past three years, Nike has launched a number of quantized motion of the user’s products: 2010 launch for mobile applications running sport Nike + Running; 2011, the company launched a collaboration with Tom sports watch with a GPS positioning function last year, Nike even launched a wearable device – Sports wristband Fuelband, in October of this year, further released the second generation of products –Fuelband SE, which also marks the Fuelband been incorporated into the Nike conventional product line; in early November, nike huarache black and white,Nike iPhone 5s for the daily activities in a dynamic co-processor built M7 recording applications tailored Nike + Move has officially landed App Store. When the motion data in the real world to the virtual world is transferred to quantify, Nike can begin to more efficiently guide users to participate in sports. By Order of incentive mechanisms such as Nike can make the user’s movement has become more systematic and rule, users can glance understanding of their movement each day.

However, just to do that is not enough, in the Chinese market, Nike wants to regain lost ground, but also to find ways to re-ignite the enthusiasm of consumers movement. Nike hopes to “social” way to achieve this goal. Just as there is to lead public opinion, opinion leaders in the dissemination of information level, in the world where the movement of each individual’s social circles and there are also movement of people. Nike hopes to these movements of people-centered, circle of friends to drive more people to participate in the movement to huarache men, “Double eleven” That, Nike launched the micro-channel low-key public services account for the running crowd of Nike + Run Club. Only 10 days on the line, the service account to attract runners to 16,124 followers, through the account set up to run the built-in function group, these users quickly create a running theme of over 1000 micro-channel group.