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“THE MOST INSTAGRAMMED FASHION BRANDS” Statistics Nike over Adidas to Instagram’s most popular brand according to Macy’s Group website m by Macys released, fashion sports brand Nike’s official account in the amount of 18,717,397 fans, and ranked first, far beyond the number two Adidas Originals; join #Nike in the published photo tag amount even reached 47,747,998, more than double the second ranked luxury brand Prada’s. The amount of fans in the brand, Louis Vuitton ranked third, Dior, Gucci and Prada were ranked seventh, ninth and tenth. The added amount when publishing photos # label, in addition to the sixth and seventh of Vans Shoes Adidas, nike huarache outlet,the top ten are luxury brands. Since light luxury brand Michael Kors as Instagram first appeared advertiser, moving into a niche brand new platform, even the luxury brand Chanel also last October to join them. The photo-sharing application Instagram has gradually become a fashion and beauty brands compete for users brand new battlefield.

Brand information according to DIGIDAY edit Shareen Pathak statistics show that after the opening of an account in the US beauty brand Benefit Cosmetics Makeup free Instagram, customers there have been significant improvements, many customers will buy or looking through to the physical store in the brand Instagram account has there have been a particular product. Benefit is not the only one to see the results of the brand. US Cosmetics brand Estée Lauder announced a partnership with the model Kendall Jenner on Instagram, the emergence of a substantial number of fans grow. An Estée Lauder spokesperson said that this is the fastest growing brand platform, “We hope that there can become a fan of our consumers and our customers and beauty enthusiasts are very fond of Instagram, because it is visual and easy the nature of consumption. “Recently, the US fashion brand Proenza Schouler have joined to launch the brand’s Instagram accountproenzaschouler, with a series of pictures that fans understand the story of the brand 2015 autumn and winter clothing series producer behind.

Designer Jack McCollough think, “Instagram will be a very good platform to share some of our attention to detail the process, and those who are often overlooked by traditional media.” According to Instagram data show that the brand has received more than 341,000 fans. Brand designer Lazaro Hernandez said they had more direct involvement of the Proenza Schouler brand Instagram operational direction. “User experience is about the discovery and visual culture, so it is natural, Instagram in the fashion industry has become so influential.”nike huarache black and white, He added. In addition, the research team at Indiana University, said the report, they use advanced computational methods to model their data were analyzed on Instagram, the new model can predict what will win, and the accuracy rate of up to 80%. Research team members inside the computer scientist Emilio Ferrara said: “Our analysis showed that the new show for speculation
When the darling of the problem, the model of Instagram with their equally important brokerage firms. “Postdoctoral researcher complex networks and systems R & D center Luca Ciampaglia said:” Social media makes this industry has undergone great changes, previous models generally do not interact with consumers, but now their online activities on their popularity has important role, and even enable them to obtain the final success. “It seems, Instagram has gradually comprehensive coverage of the fashion industry.