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With excellent quality to win a good reputation, take the initiative to capture the market, invested heavily functional shoes production line, which is an OEM shoe Putian in the new normal way of operating. Since last year, this new road named Sporting Goods Co. shoe to achieve the tax amount from the previous year more than 1,000 yuan to 30 million yuan last year, rapid growth and become a successful OEM sample Putian many shoe transformation and upgrading. According to statistics, from January to May this year, Putian City, above-scale footwear enterprises produced a total of 168 million pairs of shoes, an increase of 16% over last year. The company has just set up a new path, only the US outdoor brand KEEN a customer, the products are limited to 2 sandals. Now, every new way to cast a lot of orders for the company not only KEEN, SKECHERS, Wo Fulin, Reebok and other well-known brands in Europe and America, most recently South Korea leisure sports brand Prospecs also to new road company offered an olive branch of cooperation. Big brand long-term cooperation with the new road now reached seven or eight, last year a new path for these brand OEM production company over six million pairs of shoes. “We are very focused on establishing its own quality brand in these large customers, the service brand, because word of mouth will introduce new customers to our customers.” Zheng Xinhua example, seven years ago, the company and the KEEN brand new road just when cooperation It was brokered by intermediate traders, and only as an ordinary KEEN brand’s foundry; after seven years of cooperation, the company has not only become the new road KEEN brand’s core foundry, and the establishment of a no middlemen strategic partnership. In recent years, KEEN brand management gave the new road company introduced new customers, and their “iron Relations” for other brands on the new road company is assured. How such a good reputation further solidified into tangible customers “reassurance”? Earlier this year the company established a new road Putian City, the first international testing laboratories, laboratory testing by the CSA agency approvals in Canada, with the finished product shoes bending test machine, safety shoes impact testing machine and other 40 kinds of equipment, we can conduct routine physical detection footwear, safety shoes, functional testing, and all other international standards for testing. “Later in the factory will be able to conduct international testing, inspection report by the United States, Canada and other markets recognized brand to win customers and orders helpful!” Zheng Xinhua said. The company into a new way of international trade gate, the reporter saw Peng Minjie director and subordinates are discussing the use of a pair of shoes material, color matching, etc., still holding a new shoe design drawings. “Overseas customer orders, just sent me a design, sample program we are discussing.” Peng Minjie said. To become a design sketch on the market selling shoes, OEM shoe takes a lot of effort to thoroughly understand the market, which also has become a competitive force. Late last year, the new road company executives sent a team to study abroad in Europe and America brand development and sales process, especially to first-line market for the latest trends and market changes. “Traditional foundry shoe, usually sitting at home and other orders, shoe-making behind closed doors, depends on old experience; but not now, the market is changing so fast, you must go out, do they have to consider the OEM market.” Zheng Xinhua said. In order to timely grab market trends, the first two years, the new company is also working with a local road in a large export trade enterprises R & F Company, a joint venture company, while the original was won over intermediate traders took profits, on the other hand more It is important to narrow the distance with the first-line market. The new road company “by the end of March this year, Wo Fulin brand annual summit held in Macau, relying on large data analysis of global footwear trends, we dedicated to learn, a great harvest.” 彭敏杰 said, with accurate grasp of market trends When accepting orders more popular materials and know how to use popular elements, and thus in the fierce competition in the market and more emboldened.

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Yang Shuan behalf of the State Sports General Administration and the Chinese Olympic Committee, Ms. Klein and his party welcomed the visit. He said over the years, Nike and the Chinese sports have maintained good relations of cooperation, and the role played by the company over the years, Nike sports development in China expressed gratitude and air huarache run canada, He hopes to continue to strengthen cooperation with Nike China sports for the development of Chinese sports and the sports industry to make new contributions. During the meeting, Yang Shuan also introduced to Klein and his party in recent years China Sports Development. The two sides also discussed the future, especially in youth sports and mass sports Nike cooperation and exchanged views with the Chinese sports.

Present at the Outreach Division of the State Sports General Administration and other relevant leaders met Song Lu increase. NBA star James LeBron9 Chinese version of Nike boots have been listed. LeBron9 as LeBron James signature shoe collection ninth double Nike’s most advanced and innovative technology, well-built special requirements according to James. Shoes and foot form a perfect fit, do nike air huarache run small,feel light and comfortable to wear and offers superior cushioning effect. LeBron9 Chinese edition Nike to join James as Chinese fans special dedication unique basketball shoes, its design inspired by the “fire”, a change in the traditional red and white color, this Chinese version with the highest temperature of the outer flame of blue flame burning color and orange as the main color, to achieve a bold breakthrough.

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Reporter: Nike came to China for 30 years, next year is the 40th anniversary of the entire company. As one of the companies behind the scenes manipulator of people and Greater creator, how do you see the future of Chinese sports market? Charlie: Over the past five years, I’ve said many times, I came to China may have 20 times, 30 times or even 40 times. When people ask me how to look at China, I said this is one of the world’s most volatile areas. You can not just come here once, you have to come at least twice, because the changes here are too great. If you’re just a visit, you can not reach the consumer and the related changes in the community of this country is so large, fast understanding of the facts.

In my opinion, this is one of the world’s most fantastic country and interesting. Nike consumers here today, as always, important to us. I believe that they will become more important as their ability to grow and change makes me feel weird, and deeply inspire and motivate me in the future. So, I always tell you, if you go to China, how do you have to go twice. Reporter: in 2011, the most significant change is that the channel sink Nike, from a second-tier cities into the four-tier market, where Nike, do not worry about the limited ability of consumers to buy it?

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