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Adidas Nike as “she” and fight ye women’s market layout? In April this year, Nike launched the largest in the history of the female consumer promotion, a “better for it” The campaign triggered a focus on women groups, good response. And behind this is a group of data: 2017 Nike Women production line will increase its revenue of $ 2 billion. This business of really good female consumer, it also allows more than the Adidas to become the nation’s second-largest sports brand Under Armour also played a similar strategy, invited supermodel Gisele Bundchen and ballet dancer Misty Copeland hit campaign. Adidas how to do? In January this year,nike huarache sale, and Adidas cooperation for 10 years designer Stella McCartney launched a new partnership for 15-19 year-old young woman launched a series of sports product line.

At the same time, it is the flagship of the “sisters marketing” also continued into the third year. In March, it revealed the new slogan “sisters, not impossible”, as well as by the spokesperson Hebe Hebe ad starring China region. But with the good momentum of Nike and Under Armour just over own compared to Adidas women’s market performance is still not ideal. So recently, it launched a campaign called Energy Running, the goal is still the female population. In Tokyo, New York, Moscow, Shanghai, Rio de Janeiro and London, Adidas will invite women to participate in local activities. They do not necessarily need to be professional, but have to be an avid runner and there is a certain influence. For example, in London, Adidas option is to operate Pretty Fit blog of Sophie Chirstabel.

“Energy Running more than one value only run long distance race is not long. It is more of a social activity to push through a motion.” Adrian Leek Adidas running the project manager said. Adidas obvious appeal as a commercial company, hoping to use the influence of social activities to spread the brand influence to promote product nike huarache, In June this year, Adidas on an investor forum reiterated his ambitions in football field. But in 2014, its advantage in this “plot” in no longer evident than just the sum of the annual Nike football revenue $ 2.3 billion more than 400 million. Worse, the global situation of Adidas. In 2014, although it has a 2% revenue growth, but net profit fell 37.7 percent to 490 million euros. The resulting decline in stock prices throughout the year by 38%. Adidas product line needs more good news is that women can be a breakthrough in the market it?

nike huarache sale

George Townsend Vegas design soccer shoes Nike Bape Concept conceptual diagram designer George Townsend Vegas combines the iconic design and Japanese clothing brand Bape Nike soccer shoes combined, draw a Nike Magista Obra, Nike Mercurial Superfly and Nike Tiempo Legend V conceptual diagram. In the field of design of soccer shoes, Bape this name is not unfamiliar. Before they had and the German brand Puma to launch a limited edition Puma evoSPEED Bape soccer shoes, design is the iconic brand fans Wallpapers case. nike huarache sale,Three pairs of shoes are based Nike Tech Craft (Technology ingenuity) Leather Edition soccer shoe design. Profiteers flooding in limited football shoes ebay sold for astronomical Ronaldinho himself has been staged on August 30 at tender plug squad Atletico Mineiro game.

No. 940 personal and exclusive Nike Tiempo Legend V Premium “A Touch of Gold” the first show of soccer shoes. Prior to his feet was Lightning Storm (lightning storm) family impact green Nike Tiempo Legend V soccer shoes. 3000 pairs of limited edition hair Exclusive sale of Ronaldinho Nike Tiempo Legend “A Touch of Gold” can be described as a shoe hard to find, within minutes September 2 after the official release had been looted, but at the moment, this shoe has landed eBay, its sale price has more than doubled the original price. Exclusive Nike Ronaldinho. Tiempo Legend V limited edition of 3,000 pairs, it is this year, Nike launched the second most popular soccer shoes, and ranked first in February of this year’s launch of the world’s limited 333 pairs of Nike Mercurial Superfly CR7 Rare Gold soccer shoes. This double-exclusive Ronaldinho Legend V of the official price of 300 dollars, which is also the exclusive Bi Tuodi Legend V to the more expensive.

Currently these shoes candid price has been close to 600 dollars, as well as two days, Tyrant please pay attention. Of course, there are other eBay sellers offer even higher than $ 600,nike huarache blue however, and the asking price Almost $ 3,000 Mercurial Superfly CR7 Rare Gold soccer shoes compared to $ 600 price seems a bit unambitious. Perhaps this is where the essence of business sense, but those who buy immediately after the special sale fare of people, this shoe is definitely not love it!