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After gas shoes in the market has achieved unprecedented success, deepen Nike for new product development efforts, only one year of circumstances, that more than 300 kinds of new models in the US market. Nike declared: “science and technology product development Nike is one of the key factors of success,nike air huarache ash grey, we in the development of new shoe materials, fibers and modern design spare no effort.” From another perspective, to promote Nike concentrate on new product research and development power, or innovative ideas that target consumer behavior and attitude.

In fact, the industry is not the only Nike a particular emphasis on new product development, many well-known brands in order to catch young fashion mentality, can only make products continue to emerge, no other way. During the 1990s, the pillar behind the Nike marketing – for the depth and breadth of market research adolescent tone,nike air huarache womens, in the sports shoe market is unmatched by other brands, which makes Nike’s market share continued to grow, rising to 43% in 1996 ( Reebok 16%), sales in the US market alone would more than 3 billion US dollars.

 nike new millennium: 2000 Looking through the 1990s, the rapid development of Nike has two main directions: 1. expand global sales and attainable substantial growth; nike huarahce red,2 development of non-footwear sporting goods, such as: sportswear and sports equipment. 1996 Nike’s total global sales reach $ 9 billion, becoming the world’s largest sporting goods manufacturer.