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In recent years, due to the overall economic situation and competitive downstream Vietnam, Laos and other low labor cost markets, OEM shoe Putian days are getting hard to get. In this industry background, but the performance of the new road’s contrarian rosy: Last orders amounted to more than 600 million pairs, more than doubled the previous year, continued strong growth this year; the number of employees from 1,000 people in 2012 Meng increase to the current more than 6,000 people; through acquisitions, mergers, etc., production plants also expanded from the original one to four. However, Zheng Xinhua has begun to take precautions. He believes that the foundry shoe is now being more low-profit, costs rising flank, in the industry environment of tight situations, new road company to maintain the existing growth momentum, we must establish a long-term brand awareness as businesses advance planning for the future. Goodyear shoe production line is the introduction of the new road company decided to plan for the future and made. According to insiders, Goodyear shoe technology is the “Father of rubber” Charles Goodyear in 1870 invention, since the invention it has been ranked the pinnacle of the world’s shoe-making process, to master the process of shoe-making enterprises less Goodyear it was small, industry-recognized data is less than 1%. Goodyear use technology to produce products for the military and police boots, drilling and construction sites and other high-end features with boots shoes, custom shoes and Goodyear is seen as the most prestigious of the top handmade products. . “We launched the Goodyear production line, but also under a lot of determination, because the cost is very high,” Zheng Xinhua said, Goodyear production line machines are all imported, the investment cost is more than six times an ordinary production line; In addition, since the Putian no local workers to master this technology, the new road company for this purpose from the Guangdong hired more than 30 workers. “Behind the high cost means high profits, a pair of shoes Goodyear profit is several times the ordinary sports shoes, now sports shoes, casual shoes less and less profit, foundry this high-tech, high value-added functional shoes is a direction of business transformation and upgrading. “Zheng Xinhua said. Goodyear shoe production line, the reporter saw a few pairs just completed KEEN brand boots. Since the head with steel boots, boots body material “live”, each pair of boots is very heavy, but it is very comfortable to wear. Drag official told reporters, Goodyear craft KEEN brand boots are the most high-end shoes, KEEN future and other overseas brands full range of products able to complete the production of the new road company, which for the consolidation of the order of great help. “We plan on coming again three Goodyear production line, so that enterprises can continue to lead in the fierce competition!” Zheng Xinhua said.