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Earlier, Coach Bornman and athlete-born Knight, the target group as a professional athletes and very serious amateur athletes, because the original intention of the two is to do better running shoes to help athletes achieve better results. Naturally, the marketing strategy is to allow good athletes to wear Nike’s running shoes to participate in marathons around the game. However, the superb technical reputation received by the athletes, but rarely attracted to the attention of the mass market. Until the Nike keen sense of running in the United States in the rise of the public, focusing on running to persuade the determination and hard work will, have a breakthrough. Perhaps we can also think of the film “Forrest Gump”,nike huarache pink aloha, the bearded face of the Forrest Gump ran across the United States on the road, followed by a large group of fans. In fact, the plot has a real background. After World War II, the United States political power, economic prosperity, Americans believe that the US dream, I believe that do not have to pay too much to live a prosperous life. The 1970s, the oil crisis, Germany and Japan increased competitiveness, the Vietnam War, dragged down the formation of the United States of high inflation, high unemployment, low growth economic environment, the community filled with loss and complaining emotions. Americans are eager to fight, the spirit of the return of fighting to meet the challenges of global competition, and determination to reflect in the body and spirit. Low-cost film released in 1976, “Rocky” made an unexpected success, it is coincidental at that time the aspirations of American social psychology. The late 70s, running quietly rising, and the formation of a culture and fashion, this is not a coincidence. Because running can not only get rid of sedentary habits, physical exercise, but also strengthen the will, which is what the Americans need. Nike keen to seize this cultural trend, the ad is not rendering the winner wearing Nike shoes won the victory, and focus on describing the athletes hard, monotonous routine training to highlight and praise its indomitable personal will. An advertising narration is: “Win the game is relatively easy, but to overcome their own is an endless investment.” Clutching the trend of the times and the public emotional marketing has achieved excellent results, in 1979, Nike-based running shoes, sales of more than Adidas. By the way, the movie Forrest Gump was wearing Nike running shoes.