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The new app will be connected with the running shoes sports millet mobile terminals, smart chip runners ran through the collection and analysis posture, gait and other data on the movement and the results recorded motion, gait analysis, professional guidance and mileage redemption. In addition, the pricing of this cooperation will be much lower than the product on the market running the same level of professional products. Li Ning side said that cooperation will be the first launch of two shoes, one is “Lie Chun” upgrade version of smart pricing will not be higher than the market is now selling regular version; the other is a new style running shoes, priced close to the people, allegedly create intelligent shoe prices low. July 10, Li Ning official microblogging officially began the countdown for this new product, and said, “March everyone will finally fulfill the commitment, such a upcoming new products in function of what you have against him ? looking forward to “in a subsequent notice, the Li Ning also a lot of spoilers about this new features: better protection, more light and more color, however, the specific performance parameters and still be able to wait for the official announcement as a standard. Beijing today morning, the London Olympic Games staged sprinter war, eventually Jamaica “Lightning” You Sian Bolt scores 63 to 9 seconds, breaking the Olympic record, to defend their honor, but also like the world that still, I’m the fastest man in the world to run! This is also the second best score in human history, only five seconds per cent away from his own world record of 9 seconds huaraches utility black, Bolt has become the history of the Olympics, after the eighties and nineties mighty Carl Lewis, the second defending 100 meters champion athletes. For track and field events, is pure speed, strength, able to use high-tech is not more than, however, does not mean you do not need high-tech, for running the project in particular. Shoes undoubtedly play a key role in the whole process of running, running shoes for scientific and technological development are endless. Everyone’s feet are different, especially athletes, so the highest level of competition, you need running shoes tailored to have the best play. From the Royal Academy of Arts Lucci. Fusa Luo (Luc Fusaro), on research Loughborough University Daniel Thun (Daniel Toon) Dr. using 3D printing technology to provide the highest level of customized Athletes customized high-tech running shoes, weighs only 96 grams. The picture looks glittering, golden coating is actually printed after the order to attract attention. According to official said that running shoes can improve athletes overall performance of 3.5%, and 0.7% increase, can significantly enhance the athlete’s performance. In the 100 meters world record of 9 seconds 58 calculated theoretically improve performance 0.33 seconds. For track and field athletes, it got to the end, even tenths of a second improvement, as if a huge gap, insurmountable. However, this is very hard sole shoes, only for less than 400 meters dash. And life is not long, but in order to create a limit, these are not important. If you really can improve results, we will in the future world championships, the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to see more of this 3D athletes wear shoes. We look forward to seeing this printed dress shoes athletes to attack the world record.