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Adidas Nike as “she” and fight ye women’s market layout? In April this year, Nike launched the largest in the history of the female consumer promotion, a “better for it” The campaign triggered a focus on women groups, good response. And behind this is a group of data: 2017 Nike Women production line will increase its revenue of $ 2 billion. This business of really good female consumer, it also allows more than the Adidas to become the nation’s second-largest sports brand Under Armour also played a similar strategy, invited supermodel Gisele Bundchen and ballet dancer Misty Copeland hit campaign. Adidas how to do? In January this year,nike huarache sale, and Adidas cooperation for 10 years designer Stella McCartney launched a new partnership for 15-19 year-old young woman launched a series of sports product line.

At the same time, it is the flagship of the “sisters marketing” also continued into the third year. In March, it revealed the new slogan “sisters, not impossible”, as well as by the spokesperson Hebe Hebe ad starring China region. But with the good momentum of Nike and Under Armour just over own compared to Adidas women’s market performance is still not ideal. So recently, it launched a campaign called Energy Running, the goal is still the female population. In Tokyo, New York, Moscow, Shanghai, Rio de Janeiro and London, Adidas will invite women to participate in local activities. They do not necessarily need to be professional, but have to be an avid runner and there is a certain influence. For example, in London, Adidas option is to operate Pretty Fit blog of Sophie Chirstabel.

“Energy Running more than one value only run long distance race is not long. It is more of a social activity to push through a motion.” Adrian Leek Adidas running the project manager said. Adidas obvious appeal as a commercial company, hoping to use the influence of social activities to spread the brand influence to promote product nike huarache, In June this year, Adidas on an investor forum reiterated his ambitions in football field. But in 2014, its advantage in this “plot” in no longer evident than just the sum of the annual Nike football revenue $ 2.3 billion more than 400 million. Worse, the global situation of Adidas. In 2014, although it has a 2% revenue growth, but net profit fell 37.7 percent to 490 million euros. The resulting decline in stock prices throughout the year by 38%. Adidas product line needs more good news is that women can be a breakthrough in the market it?

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“THE MOST INSTAGRAMMED FASHION BRANDS” Statistics Nike over Adidas to Instagram’s most popular brand according to Macy’s Group website m by Macys released, fashion sports brand Nike’s official account in the amount of 18,717,397 fans, and ranked first, far beyond the number two Adidas Originals; join #Nike in the published photo tag amount even reached 47,747,998, more than double the second ranked luxury brand Prada’s. The amount of fans in the brand, Louis Vuitton ranked third, Dior, Gucci and Prada were ranked seventh, ninth and tenth. The added amount when publishing photos # label, in addition to the sixth and seventh of Vans Shoes Adidas, nike huarache outlet,the top ten are luxury brands. Since light luxury brand Michael Kors as Instagram first appeared advertiser, moving into a niche brand new platform, even the luxury brand Chanel also last October to join them. The photo-sharing application Instagram has gradually become a fashion and beauty brands compete for users brand new battlefield.

Brand information according to DIGIDAY edit Shareen Pathak statistics show that after the opening of an account in the US beauty brand Benefit Cosmetics Makeup free Instagram, customers there have been significant improvements, many customers will buy or looking through to the physical store in the brand Instagram account has there have been a particular product. Benefit is not the only one to see the results of the brand. US Cosmetics brand Estée Lauder announced a partnership with the model Kendall Jenner on Instagram, the emergence of a substantial number of fans grow. An Estée Lauder spokesperson said that this is the fastest growing brand platform, “We hope that there can become a fan of our consumers and our customers and beauty enthusiasts are very fond of Instagram, because it is visual and easy the nature of consumption. “Recently, the US fashion brand Proenza Schouler have joined to launch the brand’s Instagram accountproenzaschouler, with a series of pictures that fans understand the story of the brand 2015 autumn and winter clothing series producer behind.

Designer Jack McCollough think, “Instagram will be a very good platform to share some of our attention to detail the process, and those who are often overlooked by traditional media.” According to Instagram data show that the brand has received more than 341,000 fans. Brand designer Lazaro Hernandez said they had more direct involvement of the Proenza Schouler brand Instagram operational direction. “User experience is about the discovery and visual culture, so it is natural, Instagram in the fashion industry has become so influential.”nike huarache black and white, He added. In addition, the research team at Indiana University, said the report, they use advanced computational methods to model their data were analyzed on Instagram, the new model can predict what will win, and the accuracy rate of up to 80%. Research team members inside the computer scientist Emilio Ferrara said: “Our analysis showed that the new show for speculation
When the darling of the problem, the model of Instagram with their equally important brokerage firms. “Postdoctoral researcher complex networks and systems R & D center Luca Ciampaglia said:” Social media makes this industry has undergone great changes, previous models generally do not interact with consumers, but now their online activities on their popularity has important role, and even enable them to obtain the final success. “It seems, Instagram has gradually comprehensive coverage of the fashion industry.

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Nike-than-expected first-quarter net profit surge 30 percent, according to the Chinese market, “Wall Street Journal” reported that Nike reported earnings Thursday, the company in the first quarter of fiscal 2016 compared to last year sales growth of 5%, an increase exceeding Wall Street analysts had expected, in part because the average selling price increase and the strong performance of its business in China. After the earnings announcement, Nike shares rose in after-hours trading in New York market by 7.1%, to $ 122.92, because the financial results of its first quarter earnings per share and revenue exceeded analysts’ expectations. As of Thursday’s close until 12 months time, Nike shares rose 42%.

Nike is the world’s largest sporting goods and footwear company, nike huarache uk,occupies a leading position in the field of sportswear, but in this area, Nike not only faced with competition from rivals Adidas in Germany, but also need to deal with some of the younger competitors, such as Under Armour Inc. and Skechers USA Inc. and the like. Nike has always benefited from the trend in favor of cultural products of the company, such as sports footwear and apparel products in the consumer does not have to wear work clothes to work the crowd rise and so on. In this quarter, Nike need in September 2015 to the global value of orders delivered between January 2016 (adjusted for the effects of changes in exchange rates) compared to last year increased by 9%, down from last year’s year an increase of 11%, but higher than the previous quarter, an increase of 2%. Not included in the exchange rate changes, the future value of the orders compared to last year grew by 17 percent, an increase of 13 percent higher than the previous quarter. Future orders will not necessarily reflect the actual growth in demand, but this indicator Analysts much attention, because the analyst will come to measure global demand for Nike products based on this data.

In the first fiscal quarter ended August 31, the Nike’s revenue from $ 7.98 billion the same period last year to $ 8.41 billion. Thomson Reuters survey, analysts on average had expected the quarter, Nike’s revenue grew 3% to $ 8.22 billion. During the quarter, Nike’s sales for the Chinese market surge 30% year on year, to $ 886 million. Nike’s first quarter net profit of $ 1.18 billion, earnings per share were $ 1.34,nike huarache blue, higher than last year. In the first quarter of fiscal year 2015, Nike’s net profit was $ 962 million, earnings per share of $ 1.09. Thomson Reuters survey, analysts on average had expected earnings per share for the quarter was $ 1.19 Nike. Gross profit margin increased in the quarter to 47.5%, compared with 46.6% a year earlier. Nike pointed out that gross margin because the average selling price increase, as well as due to the higher profitability of consumer direct business continues to grow.