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For us, driving the company’s growing even challenge the economic cycle, is one of the tasks. Nike has been able to achieve their goals, the core of it is to maintain close communication with those communities every athlete and sports groups, we can upgrade this communication to a deeper level. As a result, I firmly believe that this communication is the current economic environment, Nike made the strongest support success. Maybe you will not believe, we will strive to ensure that this growth has been acquired over the past two years can be sustained. If you are looking for a non-Nike insufficient, what do you think?

Since I joined the company, Nike has been a maxim endless. This is true. I am confident that we can do a lot of things today do better to support our continued growth. In addition, we will continue to explore new things sports. Taking into account the science and technology we could make enough to support better performance product, better training supplies, and more comfortable, more enjoyable life sports products and sports equipment, I am sure we are still in a very early stage. I’m sure that today will be put into application of new technologies will create a much more distinctive and rich consumer experience that sold to consumers with a pair of shoes, a jacket, or a short-sleeved, as are our relationship with an important part of the consumer.

Nike Air huarache junior Black white  gew_03

Nike Air huarache junior Black white  gew