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Reporter: Nike came to China for 30 years, next year is the 40th anniversary of the entire company. As one of the companies behind the scenes manipulator of people and Greater creator, how do you see the future of Chinese sports market? Charlie: Over the past five years, I’ve said many times, I came to China may have 20 times, 30 times or even 40 times. When people ask me how to look at China, I said this is one of the world’s most volatile areas. You can not just come here once, you have to come at least twice, because the changes here are too great. If you’re just a visit, you can not reach the consumer and the related changes in the community of this country is so large, fast understanding of the facts.

In my opinion, this is one of the world’s most fantastic country and interesting. Nike consumers here today, as always, important to us. I believe that they will become more important as their ability to grow and change makes me feel weird, and deeply inspire and motivate me in the future. So, I always tell you, if you go to China, how do you have to go twice. Reporter: in 2011, the most significant change is that the channel sink Nike, from a second-tier cities into the four-tier market, where Nike, do not worry about the limited ability of consumers to buy it?

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