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The face of strong competitors and weak market economy, often sitting in the top spot in the sports brand Nike is a bit powerless. Its own brand performance decline, to coincide with the performance of competitors overtake, which caused an unprecedented Nike market pressure. In this regard, to send clothing with the general manager of the Institute of Orchid, said Nike as an international sports brand in the global and even the development of China’s brand positioning is not accurate enough, lack of vitality and three-dimensional. At the same time, the rapid development of domestic and domestic brands to a certain extent, the impact of Nike’s market. Vertical, the production of different levels, different styles of products and enhance the speed of product updates in order to meet the changing needs of sports enthusiasts. Nike’s rival Adidas sports performance series not only has the performance, while the traditional sports series and the original sports fashion series style is also popular; and Nike for the classification of the brand is still maintained in the traditional five sports series, the old brand positioning has long been not applicable Now society, break through tradition,nike air huarache triple black america,innovation is the development of the road. It is understood that Nike has released rhetoric – to fiscal year 2020 revenue exceeded 50 billion US dollars, which means that the next five years to maintain 63.4% Nike’s revenue growth. The industry believes that, while Nike is still occupied the status of the sporting goods market leader, but from rival Adidas and Andma challenge is intensifying. Count on the Olympic heat to pull sales of Nike, also experienced a “brother” status is challenged by the crisis, strong recovery rivals Adidas and Andma are exerting enormous pressure to them. In North America, which accounts for almost half of Nike’s revenue, sales in the most recent quarter have not increased, and in Western Europe and China, it is difficult to maintain Wall Street’s usual sales and revenue growth numbers, even as Nike continues to perform well. If the company also has an Olympic competition, Nike is to “lose the medal”, unless the prize awarded to the last one. This year, Nike’s stock fell more than 10%, Wall Street Goldman Sachs Group as the Dow Jones index 2016, the worst performance of the stock. The sporting goods giant’s latest quarter sales have been less than expected, as predict the next quarter, an important indicator of performance, the current order is equally disappointing. This is enough to make investors anxious. Because Nike was originally high hopes, after all, the Olympic Games is the world’s attention sports events, Nike is one of its official sponsor, but the current sales stimulus from the Olympic Games is not obvious. Indeed, as a sponsor in the Olympic Games spent a lot of business, Nike was given the priority of marketing the Olympic Games. In the next few weeks, Nike will get a lot of exposure, including athletes wear their equipment to compete in the United States National Broadcasting Company (NBC) to play multiple ads, and during the Olympic Games in the social platform, online media marketing .