nike air huarache white and wolf grey

Nike Kids dealers secretly selling price increases, according to the informed sources, the majority of Nike children’s clothing store in Guangzhou sales of children’s clothing, children’s shoes prices have been dealers secret operations, nike air huarache white and wolf grey,generally higher than the official price of Nike. This bit source also told reporters produced from an internal Nike “Nike 2012 Winter Catalog — Kids.” Reporters saw the catalog details the Nike Kids 2012 new winter shoes, clothes, backpacks and other products of the picture, model, color, features and prices. Directory pages, “catalog of Nike’s internal information, only authorized dealers to order Futures purposes.”

The source said that this tariff is provided by Nike to authorized dealers, the latter is based on an open pricing. Four stores in three price increases of 8% -11% according to this internal Nike 2012 winter children’s clothing product price list, the Yangcheng Evening News reporter visited Guangzhou 4 Nike children’s clothing stores, and found that three did not follow price list price,nike air huarache white and gum, but privately raise prices by 8% -11% sales. In Central City Road, a large mall Nike children’s clothing store, the reporter saw a model for the thin cotton 506737 price tag of 659 yuan, 10 percent higher than the official price of 599 yuan Nike.