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Sources said that the black / pink color is not the first color impact, because although there is no outflow of spy photos, but we know that no starting so low-key color possible. Fifth-generation Nike Mercurial Superfly football shoes in 2016 before the introduction of the European Cup in France, will be the first full-color red / volt yellow / black / pink shock. The latest technology uses a speed type of soccer shoes price is expected to be unchanged from the current generation of 4, 275 dollars. Barcelona diehard essential – Barcelona Nike launched the agency Nike Free Trainer training shoes: Nike Free Trainer 5.0 new version with this Barcelona the Catalan team’s iconic color, the shoe has been listed at present. Give Nike Free Trainer 5.0 V6 AMP from design, this special edition of the Barcelona storm red, royal blue and gold combination of university, the color comes from the color of the famous Barcelona team logo. The front half of the shoe and the general version of the same design, but the heel is using the horizontal stripe design, depicts the Barcelona 2015-16 home shirt style. Printed on the shoe tongue famous Barcelona team logo, but in the end it was mainly white, and added a bold dot-matrix pattern, as the sole use of the traditional use of indoor sports shoes tendon at the end .

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Reform focuses on communication and advertising. Nike CEO commented: Nike’s focus on communication effects of advertising, so the Nike brand by all the love, the rapid growth. Nike’s early work focused primarily on technical superiority of its products, because it was brand positioning, nike huaraches outlet,competitive athletes in the formal market. Of course, some of the recreational runners and people who exercise to buy Nike shoes, one for comfort, but also because the Nike campaign: who owns Nike, who understand the sport! It has some impact on consumers.

However, this period can not be called the Nike advertising communication in the true sense, Nike communication advertising is produced out in its “advertising Reform”. 1980s,nike huarache women, Nike products began to enter the athletic field and stadium homes of ordinary people (especially teenagers). Nike sports tradition must lose regular market conditions without, to maximize the attractiveness of Nike ads, for which must be the same as Nike, Levis brand, become an integral part of youth culture and status symbol.

Nike’s two completely different market operations,nike huarache blue, it faces the challenge is in adapting popular sports achievements awareness and advocacy on how to achieve balance and consistency, Nike began to rethink its advertising strategy.

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Nike Europe strategy is the first step in accordance with national and Adidas do the market potential of the current situation in the market is divided into four categories. The first class is called frontline theater, such as: the United Kingdom and Northern Europe,nike huarache sale, promising market potential, and is a weak area of ​​Adidas. The second type of resistance theater, good market potential, Nike’s strong channel network, such as: Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Greece and Switzerland. The third category is the dike theater, market potential, competition, must cost a lot to promote the brand, Nike’s access network is weak, such as: Germany, Austria, Spain, Portugal and Finland. The last one is called depth dike theater, such as: France, Italy. Germany, France and the United Kingdom was designated as the first priority will be the war of the market, nike huarache men,because the population of these three countries add up closer to the United States. But marketing can not be taking into account these three forces, the defendant’s main focus in the United Kingdom.

Nike believes the same language, the United States, according to the original marketing strategy transplanted to Britain to perform, should be more no resistance. Nike and Adidas European strategy is very close, and actively seek the endorsement of popular players and team shaping Nike brand shoes for the championship,nike huarache blue, athletes and sports media continue to talk about. Nike has no intention to follow the footsteps of dance Adidas, company executives resolutions must open up a path of their own style of Nike, and the survey found that Europeans recognize from two important elements of the Nike: “US” and “running” the last will its positioning as “European American sneakers.”