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The contract, the amount of high, setting a new club record shirt sponsorship of football – the previous record holder is a Spanish football club Real Madrid, nike huarache sale,the annual sponsorship fee of 31 million pounds, is also a sponsor Adidas. And 23.5 million pounds of annual sponsorship fee compared to Manchester United now offer sponsors Nike, the digital new contract is more than twice as much, it also declared the Man with Nike for 13 years since 2002 shirt sponsorship relationship The end. Manchester United and Adidas were not for this contract, “First Financial Weekly” to comment.

“Sports sponsorship in the sports apparel brand in the field is a seller’s market, a good sports club sports brand’s influence is huge, so you can continue to raise sponsorship money.” Beijing (Beijing stores) orange light marketing consultant, general manager Cui Yingshan “First Financial Weekly” said. Cui worked in sports marketing firm Octagon (Universal stores) and Infront Sports & Media Ltd for many nike huarache, Enjoy the “world’s first league” of the Premier League title a year to 1.8 billion pounds in revenue ahead of the football league in the world. The sporting goods company in the competitive ability of good Premier League team has a strong desire, it also gives companies wishing to open a door to the football market opportunity.

In January, Arsenal and Puma signed a five-year amounted to £ 150 million shirt sponsorship contract, with an annual sponsorship fee almost equal to the price of Real Madrid, but before Nike’s sponsorship fee of £ 8 million a year. After Adidas renounce sponsorship of Liverpool, in 2012, New Balance’s warrior sport and it signed a sponsorship agreement. Before entering the Premiership, warrior sports to produce hockey and ice hockey equipment is known. In the same year, the US sports apparel brand Under Armour also sponsored Tottenham. nike huarache kid,”Originally, we all do not know it, but the sponsor of the Premier League club, we all know. And the Premier League Asia, growth in emerging markets has influence.” he said.

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Nike Europe strategy is the first step in accordance with national and Adidas do the market potential of the current situation in the market is divided into four categories. The first class is called frontline theater, such as: the United Kingdom and Northern Europe,nike huarache sale, promising market potential, and is a weak area of ​​Adidas. The second type of resistance theater, good market potential, Nike’s strong channel network, such as: Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Greece and Switzerland. The third category is the dike theater, market potential, competition, must cost a lot to promote the brand, Nike’s access network is weak, such as: Germany, Austria, Spain, Portugal and Finland. The last one is called depth dike theater, such as: France, Italy. Germany, France and the United Kingdom was designated as the first priority will be the war of the market, nike huarache men,because the population of these three countries add up closer to the United States. But marketing can not be taking into account these three forces, the defendant’s main focus in the United Kingdom.

Nike believes the same language, the United States, according to the original marketing strategy transplanted to Britain to perform, should be more no resistance. Nike and Adidas European strategy is very close, and actively seek the endorsement of popular players and team shaping Nike brand shoes for the championship,nike huarache blue, athletes and sports media continue to talk about. Nike has no intention to follow the footsteps of dance Adidas, company executives resolutions must open up a path of their own style of Nike, and the survey found that Europeans recognize from two important elements of the Nike: “US” and “running” the last will its positioning as “European American sneakers.”

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Nike shoes and apparel enterprises in line drawing mode O2O brand experience stores Toffler called this old man is the real American clairvoyant, 2001 will see businesses will experience by providing service to win. nike huarache sale,Today, the brand experience stores in the country is into developing Xinghuoliaoyuan of overwhelming, and swept cars, shoes, electronics and other industries. Nike reportedly in New York City has become a well-known attractions, and unfortunately has no chance to visit.

But Nike experience Asia’s largest store in Shanghai Huaihai Road shopping district, so we have insight and learning opportunities world-class brand experience. Shanghai Nike brand experience store sits 3,700 square meters area, 4 layer super luxury experience space. In addition to magnificent display products, Nike sports experience store highlights the cultural experience, such as in-store and organize regular sneakers mad will, NTC training courses, running clubs and other activities. Wherein, NTC training courses aimed at women’s training,nike huarache black and white, three courses in the evening every week in the shop, a professional coach from China Taiwan, Hong Kong and other regions of training led by members of the public to provide fat burning, shaping, robust physical and mental training and fitness classes, to answer questions in the fitness encountered. Running Club is open on Thursdays, from experience shop night run, depending on weather conditions and registration, running away between 3 km to 5 km, in the process of running a professional teacher training and run, to provide professional training run guidance. All are free and open to the public Oh, people can sign up on the spot to experience the store to participate.

Nike’s first national digital challenge centers, consumers can personally experience the latest technology Nike +, get your own motion data were compared with the world’s top huarache men, In addition, the store also has a relatively large experience of space experience area, so that the public and football, golf, tennis, football and other sports intimate contact.