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In order to help the world’s best athletes in the sport’s biggest stage have better performance, today on the global launch event in New York, Nike great sports moments of the year released a range of national team jersey. After years of scientific research, create new uniforms are designed to help athletes play at top performance without any interference in the case. Each shirt has the same goal: temperature, perspiration, breathable, comfortable movement. In addition, the new uniforms also reflected glory of the country – demonstrates the culture and passion for sports in each country. Released by the world’s top athletes of the national team jersey, covering Nike football, basketball and track and field events launched a new “systematic athletic performance” concept. Overall systematic equipped emphasized Nike combines historic body motion to create uniforms. This summer, the system will appear in more than 20 sports, more than 20 national body. In the future, this integrated system will also involve all athletes of all projects. Nike’s latest global football equipment is one example of athletic performance system – including the Nike AeroSwift technology to create the Nike Vapor shirts, Nike Mercurial Lightspeed protective type leg sets, NikeGrip socks and high-performance soccer shoes. Historic body movement system performance begins new Nike AeroSwift science and technology. Innovative lightweight breathable jersey and shorts by high-performance yarn woven shirts to reduce the weight than the previous 10%, drying rate increased by 25%, ductility increased by 50%. New Jersey heat accumulation in the easiest parts of the body using a combination of single double weave weaving techniques, for the athletes to bring cool feeling. Jersey also has the country’s traditional colors and eye-catching symbol of athlete identification. This is more than in the past lightweight, cool and durable shirts help players threw them into the game. Nike Mercurial Lightspeed protective jacket uses the same type legs completely eliminate the interference design. The new leg cuffs can meet the athletes and personal preferences, different shapes and sizes of shin pads and wearing matching socks. New NikeGrip socks non-slip surfaces on both sides of its features, but with the Nike Mercurial Vapor shoes, etc. inside microfiber socks lines are pulling. Therefore, this pair of shoes to wear it like an extension of the leg, it is possible in the game for the athletes bring great comfort. Nike Vapor technology using AeroSwift basketball clothing represents not only shirts and shorts. With precise manufacturing process, it can bring a stronger lock, every step more efficient. Package includes an optional armband jersey, tights and a filling three-quarters of Dri-FIT pants. Lightweight jersey and shorts carefully tailored more comfortable aesthetic. In order to enhance breathability, designer A “body map” technology to accurately find a stronger demand for air circulation area. Through the four-way extension cord tissue engineering and the use of mesh, each material in the appropriate benefits are out of place, to enhance breathability and perspiration management. Compared to the previous generation of basketball uniforms, breathable increased by 35%. Supporting the use of FlyVent shorts belt, also improved breathability, removing the traditional rope and open space. With vibrant Brazilian culture for design inspiration, Nike designers team warm color into each jersey being. Each country flag colors have been applied to the uniform, especially reflective mesh jersey number and name, along with the time is now hidden when the player movement.