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1986 a propaganda Nike advertising inflatable insole is a real breakthrough in advertising the film, Nike uses a new idea, not blindly use its technical performance and advantages of the usual techniques, nike air huarache black and red,but by representatives of the Beatles and a symbol of the hippie The band played the famous song “Revolution” in American rebel Fig new rhythm, melody, a group dressed Nike products are intoxicated to carry out fitness training. The ad accurately meet the winds of change emerging era of fitness and fashion, feel refreshing.

Nike has been using the magazine as a former major advertising media, deliver product information to the athletic players, but then, Nike has become a major television advertising, “the spokesman,” nike huarache uk,This move makes the Nike commercial development of its products to better adapt to the new market. Nike’s advertising very successful political reform, first reflected in the rapid growth of the company’s market share: more than Reebok became the US athletic footwear market, the new overlord.

Nike NIKE new product development strategy Fils. Knight (Phil Knight) in 1964 to $ 500 when you created the Nike company, never dreamed of today will become the world’s largest sports shoe huarache women, In this paper, we will uncover the mystery of Nike’s growth process, with particular focus on the Nike 90’s shine key – new product development strategy.

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Reform focuses on communication and advertising. Nike CEO commented: Nike’s focus on communication effects of advertising, so the Nike brand by all the love, the rapid growth. Nike’s early work focused primarily on technical superiority of its products, because it was brand positioning, nike huaraches outlet,competitive athletes in the formal market. Of course, some of the recreational runners and people who exercise to buy Nike shoes, one for comfort, but also because the Nike campaign: who owns Nike, who understand the sport! It has some impact on consumers.

However, this period can not be called the Nike advertising communication in the true sense, Nike communication advertising is produced out in its “advertising Reform”. 1980s,nike huarache women, Nike products began to enter the athletic field and stadium homes of ordinary people (especially teenagers). Nike sports tradition must lose regular market conditions without, to maximize the attractiveness of Nike ads, for which must be the same as Nike, Levis brand, become an integral part of youth culture and status symbol.

Nike’s two completely different market operations,nike huarache blue, it faces the challenge is in adapting popular sports achievements awareness and advocacy on how to achieve balance and consistency, Nike began to rethink its advertising strategy.

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Through television, thousands of athletes have become the spokesman for Adidas, this invisible marketing is incredibly powerful, Adidas is not only professional sports shoes, nike huarache women,but extended to all consumers worldwide, as their casual shoes. In 1980, Adidas’s sales of $ 1 billion, engulfed the German sports shoe market share of 70%, both in Europe and the United States, or global, are truly the first brand.

Adidas spent on media advertising is not much, the company’s advertising strategy is weak, because the enterprise has become a world heavyweight, but in the marketing or advertising strategies mediocre. Mainly because the professional athlete endorsement Adidas creating free media coverage is difficult to estimate,nike huarache black, so that three denim brand logo to be everywhere exposed. Adidas ad copy or narration dull, conservative, and neither bold nor aggressive. In today’s marketing angle to comment on when the Adidas ad is offensive and belong to no memory point nike corporate advertising strategy of competition based on the above background, Nike European policy in the 1980s, as the number one competitor Adidas is locked .

In addition, there are two brands worth mentioning, one for Palmer shoes,cheap nike huaraches, with annual sales of $ 300 million, the other for the ball Reebok (Reebok), with annual sales of just over $ 1.5 million. Like with Adidas, Nike in terms of quality and advanced technology also has a high rating, founder Phil. Knight himself is a born athlete, closely related to famous athletes. Nike to cut Europe’s biggest problems is that no one knows the market the brand.