nike huaraches all black trainers

HUARACHES of Nike is very natural to people with Nike in the Nike, although now they can not be compared. The end of June, Nike and Kanye West opened a deeper level of cooperation. The two sides co-founded the independent sports brand Adidas + Kanye West, to consolidate the growth momentum in the North American market. The brand is not limited to footwear products, but also extended to the clothing, accessories and other categories. Nike Group will also be the brand headquarters in the United States set up a dedicated team of employees and the establishment of physical retail stores,nike huaraches all black trainers, the entire business model looks and Nike’s Jordan Brand is no different. This initiative is called Nike to create history, and for Kanye West I, certainly is also very happy to see. HUARACHES will become the next Jordan? Now it is too early to discuss this issue, of course, does not rule out Kanye heart has been planted this seed. Now HUARACHES series certainly has not challenged Jordan’s capital. From the first quarter of this year’s shoes sales standings, Jordan is still able to stand out, there are four shoes can be discharged into the top ten, which Air Jordan 12 The Master sales of more than 1.5 million US dollars, far off other shoes. In contrast, HUARACHES series in this list is not so eye-catching, and a HUARACHES Boost 350 sales of only 400,000 US dollars to succeed. But we do not underestimate Kanye West personal energy, aside his influence in the fashion circle aside, he never defined his identity as a designer so simple, in fact, more like a product manager. He is very thoughtful in the operation of the market, such as the entire brand of product iterative speed, let themselves behave more like a fast fashion brand. Like the HUARACHES Boost 350 v2 launch date of a push and push, on the foot of the consumer appetite. Recently, Kanye also officially launched the HUARACHES Boost 350 children’s shoes models, take a look, he began to think of making money for parents of children. Nike is also strengthening the Adidas Originals brand position, such as re-opened the flagship store in the United States, will also set up a special studio. In this theme under the guidance of the idea, Kanye and Pharrell’s role is still important. This will also Kanye’s independent brands have a great role in promoting. SportsOneSource’s director of market insight and development Neil Schwartz has been blunt, and Kanye West cooperation is the best decision in Nike history, one of the decisions. Perhaps in the next five or ten years, we can look forward to the HUARACHES series and Jordan Brand breaking wrist.