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Reform focuses on communication and advertising. Nike CEO commented: Nike’s focus on communication effects of advertising, so the Nike brand by all the love, the rapid growth. Nike’s early work focused primarily on technical superiority of its products, because it was brand positioning, nike huaraches outlet,competitive athletes in the formal market. Of course, some of the recreational runners and people who exercise to buy Nike shoes, one for comfort, but also because the Nike campaign: who owns Nike, who understand the sport! It has some impact on consumers.

However, this period can not be called the Nike advertising communication in the true sense, Nike communication advertising is produced out in its “advertising Reform”. 1980s,nike huarache women, Nike products began to enter the athletic field and stadium homes of ordinary people (especially teenagers). Nike sports tradition must lose regular market conditions without, to maximize the attractiveness of Nike ads, for which must be the same as Nike, Levis brand, become an integral part of youth culture and status symbol.

Nike’s two completely different market operations,nike huarache blue, it faces the challenge is in adapting popular sports achievements awareness and advocacy on how to achieve balance and consistency, Nike began to rethink its advertising strategy.

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Li said at the opening ceremony: “My name appears on a new office building Nike’s Greater China headquarters campus, so I feel very happy, this and the athlete’s name appears on the trophy is very different,nike huaraches outlet, is a special feeling. I think this is the respect and attention they have been the performance of athletes, the building ‘Li’ word actually represent all of China’s outstanding Nike athletes, while I value our friendship for many years, I see it as many years witness cooperation. ”

Park is located in Yangpu District of Shanghai, with a total area of ​​fifty-five thousand square meters, the main building includes a nine-storey office building named Li, a standard football field, a basketball court and a range of indoor art fitness facility, and a Conference Centre complex will open this fall,nike huarache women for organizing large-scale events and new conference. In the future, the Group’s various brands will be concentrated in the same area of ​​work, the company’s operational capacity has been improved. Athletes named to the building, Nike’s global habit. Several buildings on its US headquarters campus respectively tennis player Pete Sampras, basketball player Michael (Michael stores) Jordan (Jordan stores), football player Mia Hamm and other athletes named.

For those who are “the world’s first football brand,” Nike and Adidas has not a winner between the two sports giants. Global Nike brand president Trevor Edwards (Trevor Edwards) in a conference call on during the World Cup, announced a “victory”: the World Cup in Brazil, the number of players wearing Nike,nike huarache white, more than the total number of players also wear other brands many. However, the Adidas World Cup finals in the day pulled one: championship team, by its sponsorship. And this about the football contest, and now continues. July 14, Adidas announced and Premier League club Manchester United signed a 10-year contract, Adidas began sponsoring from the 2015/2016 season, Manchester United shirt sponsorship fee totaling 750 million pounds (about 1.26 billion US dollars).

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Because Dema only $ 19 billion market value, far less than Nike’s $ 86 billion, so the move is not only costly for Dema, and a huge risk. This company, based in Baltimore, has spent heavily in the acquisition of a number of application developers, and therefore had an impact on revenue and profits, and share prices setback. nike huaraches outlet,But the strategy behind it contains significant benefits: either Nike or Dema, as long as the user can simplify the process of tracking sports, you can buy new equipment in the next time enhance the attractiveness of their products.

Dema online fitness community in January this year, more than 100 million pieces stored motion records, the company believes that it can help them to develop more comfortable running shoes and T-shirts.nike huarache, But sports goods manufacturers can not only provide recommendations for the user, through an agreement with e-commerce companies Zappos signed Dema MapMyFitness application can exercise history of the user send reminders to inform its sports shoes should be replaced as soon as possible, and also comes with Zappos Buy Link.

Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank (Kevin Plank) said on Tuesday, a fitness tracker to help the company and the user to establish an unprecedented link. Similar – “Jordan Nike” mode, and a lot of sports stars Dema also signed an endorsement deal, which also helped the company to achieve good results with: as its largest core business, the company’s apparel business has been for 22 to achieve more than 20% increase in the quarter, and a record $ 555 million in sales recorded in the beginning of the year. But some of the company’s executives still think, fitness tracking applications to promote sales may be better than celebrity endorsements. These applications can provide personalized campaign details, and able to get involved in more of a niche sport. Moreover,nike huarahce red, because the game of celebrity endorsements is also possible poor performance or athlete to make the company suffer injuries. Fitness Tracker can help the company attract the rapidly growing female sports enthusiasts. 13,000 users Dema online sports community, more than 60% were female.